Senate Passes Gebhard Bill to Improve Motor Carrier Safety

HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Sen. Chris Gebhard (R-48) to improve highway safety regarding large motor carriers – including heavy trucks, public transit buses and coach buses – was passed by the Senate.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show motor carriers contribute to 13% of highway deaths nationally despite only accounting for 3% of vehicles on the road, killing more than 5,000 people per year.

To address these safety concerns, Senate Bill 1094 would expand upon the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC), which was established in Act 21 of 2001. MSASC has undertaken measures to advance motor safety in the Commonwealth by advocating for commercial vehicle safety summits and evaluating innovations confronting the industry.

“MCSAC analyzed Act 21 and recommended updating the membership composition and refining the powers and duties to effectively address the safe movement of people and goods by commercial motor vehicles,” said Gebhard.

Senate Bill 1094 would expand the MCSAC to 30 members, adding five representatives from the transport industry, as well as a chairperson to be appointed by the governor.

Some notable changes to the updated duties of the committee include implementing education programs for first- and second-year commercial driver’s license (CDL) drivers, offering incentives for drivers to undergo safety training throughout their careers, creating a plan to increase and document motor carrier use of the PA Turnpike, and developing policy to address the dissemination of information among employers of CDL drivers relative to employee job performance and conduct to best protect the public from unsafe drivers.

The bill moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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