Senate Passes Gebhard Bill to Allow for Energy-Efficient Lighting

HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Sen. Chris Gebhard (R-48), which would allow outdoor advertisers to use energy-efficient lighting, received unanimous Senate support.

Senate Bill 1093 would amend the Outdoor Advertising Control Act of 1971 to allow for energy-efficient lighting to be installed on outdoor advertising devices, such as billboards, while maintaining compliance with federal regulations.

The bill would only affect existing non-structural lighting fixtures and would not alter the rules for bracing, guy wires or other reinforcing devices. It would not authorize lighting in areas where it was previously prohibited.

“By modernizing the Commonwealth’s outdoor advertising rules, advertisers would be able to operate in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner while still conforming to federal regulations,” Gebhard said. “It would give advertisers the same opportunity to use energy-efficient lighting that so many of us already enjoy.”

Having received support in the Senate, the bill now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration. 

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