Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee Approve Bills to Create Tourism Improvement Districts and Allow Online Raffle Sales

HARRISBURG – The Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee, chaired by State Senator Chris Gebhard (R-48), approved two bills today focused on improving tourism in the Commonwealth and modernizing the small games of chance law to help civic organizations.

Senate Bill 845, introduced by Senator Devlin Robinson, would establish tourism improvement districts (TID) aimed at boosting business in a specific geographic area.  The bill will simply serve as enabling legislation for counties that want to participate and enact a TID in their local communities.  TIDs have been a success in other states with increased visitation to these areas, spurring economic growth.

Senate Bill 667, introduced by Senator Devlin Robinson and Senator Fontana, would amend the Small Games of Chance Act, providing for electronic payment for online raffle sales.  The bill will modernize our current system by allowing raffles to be conducted online.  Pennsylvania would join nearly 25 other states that are already doing this.

“Both bills have no negative impact on the state budget, are bipartisan, and are aimed at creating more economic development opportunities for our communities,” Gebhard stated. “I was happy to support these commonsense measures to modernize Pennsylvania.”

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