Gebhard’s Law Ensuring Authorized Construction Workers Successful

HARRISBURG – According to the latest E-Verify audits, Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services (DGS) imposed monetary fines on four construction companies that violated the state’s E-Verify law, Sen. Chris Gebhard (R-48) announced.

Contractors found in violation include J&T Paving, KC Construction, Kobalt Construction and Don E. Bower.

E-Verify is a free, fast electronic system that verifies new hires are eligible to be employed in the United States. In addition to federal E-Verify, Pennsylvania is one of several states with E-Verify laws in place to protect local jobs and establish fair competition among businesses. Pennsylvania’s E-Verify law applies only to construction.

“Construction is a great career path for Pennsylvanians, but having a weak E-Verify law threatened the quality of those jobs that are so critical to the commonwealth,” said Gebhard.

Gebhard cosponsored Act 141 during the 2022-23 legislative session to address weaknesses in the law. The practice of hiring unauthorized workers due to weak enforcement and minor consequences necessitated the change. In January 2023, Act 141 went into effect and strengthened Pennsylvania’s 10-year-old construction E-Verify law – the Public Works Employment Verification Act – by increasing penalties for contractors that do not abide by the E-Verify requirement.

Penalties range in severity from a warning letter to fines as high as $25,000. Before Act 141, fines did not exceed $250.

“Long gone are the days of construction contractors not taking the E-Verify law seriously,” said Gebhard. “With higher penalties, contractors know that they have more to lose now than ever before if they break the law.”

DGS monitors E-Verify enforcement. In one year, DGS has conducted nearly 90 audits through Act 141. Access to audit information as well as an updated complaint form can be found on the DGS website.


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